LG’s latest OLED offering promises to be a game changer for the exhibition, trade show and retail sectors. Any space requiring stunning display graphics or signage will benefit from its ultra-slim, lightweight and space saving features.

At just 3.5 mm thick, the display is sure to turn heads and demand audience attention. Couple that with stunning perfect colour representation and brightness and you can see why this unit is making technology headlines around the world.

“We’re delighted to be the first AV hire company in the UK to offer this innovative product from LG” Says MD Alex Parmee.

He continues “We took delivery at the end of last year and it really caused a stir in the warehouse.

We’ve been testing the screens across a number of different settings and applications and can immediately see how clients can upgrade certain event spaces or premium locations to provide enhanced visitor experiences.”

The Absolute tech teams are most impressed with the following benefits:

Neat integration – Its ultra-thin depth will give any display space a fully integrated look. Set designers and stand builders will love the simplicity.

Fast easy installation – Being is extremely slim and light, it can be hung on any wall with dedicated slim brackets or as a video wall by simply attaching with a magnetic mat.

Perfect viewing screen – This OLED delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.

Alex concludes “If any clients would like to come and see the wallpaper OLED for themselves, then please give me a call. We will be running regular technical demonstration sessions. With creative imagination there are limitless ways this wallpaper display can enhance your events and locations.”

View short demonstration video.