Absolute have expanded their stocks of the new high power new T-COLOR RGBW/FC from Italian Manufacturer Studio Due.

Hire Manager Brian Cook commended “We first purchased these powerful LEDs for a specific job on Advertising Week last year. The client loved the effect during the weeklong event and our crew really liked working with them. Now we’ve added more to the inventory, I’m sure they will be a really popular lighting hire product. ”

Turbo_colorDesigned to obtain the maximum performance with a minimal amount of space, the new TURBO-COLOR it’s the most powerful and efficient LED Lighting fixture within the single head category. Using 60 high powerful LEDs RGBW/FC combined with an effective fan system, the key feature of the product is the incredible performance of the optics. It’s innovative optic system generates a rectangular and uniform light projection.

Hire enquiries should be directed to Brian or Vicky in the hire department hire@www.absoluteavs.co.uk or by calling 01763 852222.